Norwegian Hydropower AS (NorHydro) specializes in building, owning, and operating small and medium-sized hydropower plants using environmentally friendly solutions. We believe that hydropower is a crucial component in the transition to a low-carbon economy and we are committed to providing clean and reliable energy to the rural communities. NorHydro is dedicated to creating stable, sustainable, and renewable energy for communities and industries. NorHydro focuses on countries aiming for cost efficient renewable energy. The business is conducted through subsidiaries focusing on markets in their respective countries. The projects are organized as joint ventures with local partners, developers & investors, which means that each power plant should be build, owned and operated by separate SPV’s (Single Purpose Vehicles) jointly owned with the local partners. As a Norwegian company with extensive experience in hydropower projects across Norway, NorHydro is now exploring opportunities in other emerging markets with a focus on cost-efficient renewable energy. Our approach to creating stable and sustainable energy involves working closely with local partners, developers, and investors to understand the needs of the communities and industries we serve. NorHydro is excited to make entry into Pakistan’s renewable energy sector. Pakistan is an emerging market with tremendous potential for renewable energy projects, and NorHydro is committed to contributing to the country’s sustainable development through environmentally friendly solutions. To learn more about our holding company in Norway Please visit our website here:

Revolutionizing Low-head hydropower

In cooperation with its affiliated company Minihydro AS, NorHydro also offers Standardized and Modularized Low head Hydro Power Plants which is a patented concept. The Low-Head technology offers a range of benefits, including:

Innovative Partnership Approach

At NorHydro, we are proud to work with partner organizations that provide cutting-edge Solar PV technology solutions. Our role is to collaborate with these companies and leverage our expertise in sustainable energy generation to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service.

Through our partnership approach, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of Solar PV solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. We work closely with our partners to ensure that their technology is integrated seamlessly into our clients & energy generation systems and that our clients receive the most reliable and efficient solutions.

Our focus is on delivering sustainable energy solutions that help our clients achieve their environmental goals. Whether through our low head hydro power generation technology or through our partnerships with leading Solar PV companies, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that drive real value for our clients.

Our Journey​

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Minihydro Projects​


Kvåle Power Plant is located about 20 minutes drive north from Sogndal in Sogn og Fjordane county.

Oftedal Hydropower Plant is located north of the city Egersund in Vest Agder County.

Gjerde Hydropower Plant is located close to Odda, in Mauranger municipality, the county of Hordaland.

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